Monthly Archives: November 2009

November 20-22: Camping Trip to Pouch

This is our tradition camping trip/hike to Pouch. On Friday night, we sleepover in the Church Hall. Then, nice and early the next day, we wake up and hike the blue dot trail to Pouch Camp. It is a very fun trip and it does allow you to experience Backpacking and dehydrated foods. For more information, please check out this information packet.

November 6th Meeting

This coming Friday, November 6th, 2009, it has been requested that all non-senior patrol members of the Troop being their pack with them to the meeting. Their pack is to be fully packed as if they were leaving for an overnight backpacking trip the day after. This meeting will be a good source of&

Pancake Breakfast

Tomorrow, the Troop will be hosting its traditional Pancake Breakfast and Chinese Auction in the Gym. It is asked that scouts arrive at 7 am, as to allow for setup of kitchen and training for the younger scouts. If you didn’t receive you set of tickets from your son, please ask them or contact Mrs. Massa for help (they were given out on Friday).

Breakfast service will begin after the conclusion of the 7:30 mass. The Breakfast will continue throughout the morning until 2 PM. After the conclusion of the event, we will be taking up the tables and returning the Gym to its previous state.