March 18-19th: Merit Badge Meeting and Eagle Project

Friday March 18, 2011: Merit Badge Meeting
Friday, March 18th will be a merit badge meeting. Scouts are encouraged to bring any and all materialsor workbooks that they need for their merit badges. All Merit Badge Books from the Troop library mustbe signed out, and please make sure to return any Merit Badge Books when finished.

Saturday March 19, 2011: Eagle Service Project –Matt Brown
On Saturday, March 19, we will be painting the Main Entrance Hall and stairwell of The Alzheimer’sFoundation located at 789 Post Ave. The project is primarily painting, so paint brushes, rollers, pans,drop clothes, and ladders will be needed. If you have any of these supplies and are willing to donate orloan them for my project (they will be returned) that would be a great help. If you plan on bringing anymaterials, please call/ e-mail me at the listed contact information, as soon as possible. It’s painting, soit’s going to get messy either with splatter or accidental spillage. I recommend wearing old work clothingthat you can get paint on, plus old sneakers. Please call/ e-mail me to let me know if you can go, if youhave materials, and/or if you can’t go but have materials to lend. 917-750-1997


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