Friday, September 16th Troop Meeting

Our Troop meeting starts promptly at 7:30 PM so please be on time, in Uniform and bring your Scout Handbook.
The “Knot of the Month” is the Clove Hitch  Do you know how to tie it? If not review your scout handbook or check out this animated link.
This weeks meeting is going to be about Emergency Preparedness. Do you know what essential supplies you should have in your emergency preparedness kit? Do you know how much water you should have stored for each member of your family? Take the Red Cross Preparedness Quiz now – and in less than 2 minutes you can learn how to keep your family safe and prepared:
Merit Badge Books – Anyone who borrowed merit badge books from the Troop Library for summer camp please return them this week. Return books directly to the Troop Librarian so that he removes your name from the outstanding books list. 
Board of Review (BOR) – We will be conducting a large number of BOR’s. Scouts who require a BOR must first have a Scoutmaster Conference and must also be in Class A uniform and have their Scout Handbook.

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