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Troop Meeting Friday June 01, 2012

[ ] Everyone please bring your Scout Handbooks we are updating Troop Master Files, also completed  requirements from the Camporee need to be transcribed. Class A Uniform.

[ ] If you are attending Troop Canoe Trip (flyer) please bring payment and signed forms (Landers Release Form Here & Permission Slip Here).

[ ] Patrol Leaders need to contact patrol Members and obtain a headcount for the canoe trip  (include all family members in your counts)

[ ] Patrol Leaders Please be sure to return Troop First Aid supplies issued by Mr. D (Ace/Triangular Bandages, Emergency Blankets, etc.)

Green Bar Meeting immediately following Troop Meeting

Troop Meeting Friday May 25, 2012

This Friday‘s Merit Badge meeting –“Class B” Uniforms

[ ] This week is a Merit Badge Meeting so please ”BE PREPARED” to work on a merit
badge and bring your worksheets, especially anyone with partials.

[ ] If you have any Troop Merit Badges books you are no longer using please return
them and make sure they are signed back in by the Troop Librarian.

[ ] Bring Scout Handbooks so requirements from the Camporee can be signed off

[ ] Patrol Leaders Please be sure to return First Aid supplies issued by Mr. D at the
Camporee (Ace/Triangular Bandages, Emergency Blankets, etc.)

Saturday 05/26/12 is a Troop Car Wash– Meet at 7:00 AM at the Shed. Earn your
way and reduce your Parent’s summer camp costs.

Sunday 05/27/12 Troop 37 will be touring Naval Ships at the Homeport- Meeting at 8:30
AM at the USS The Sullivan’s pier. The address is 455 Front Street – 10304- Must be
in “Class A” Uniform

Monday 05/28/12 as always Troop 37 will be Handing out Flags at the Staten Island
Memorial Day Parade on Forest Avenue along the Parade route just prior to the start
of the Parade. Look Sharp –“Class A” Uniform. We will meet at 11:30 AM at the NE
Corner of Forest Avenue and Hart Boulevard. Bring a water Bottle. We need your help
we have a couple thousand Flags to hand out.

Troop 37 Sweeps 2012 S.I. Camporee

Congratulations to the Troop 37 Scouts who participated in & swept top honors at the 2012 S.I. Camporee @ Pouch Camp!

With this Camporee’s theme being the Centennial of Eagle Scouting, Troop 37 epitomized the Spirit of Scouting for all to hear and see. “Bravo Zulu gentlemen” from Scoutmaster Mike Di Trani, and “Ya done real good guys” from Scoutmaster Emeritus Mr. “G”.

Here are the results of all the training, practice/practice/practice and leadership demonstrated by our T37 Scouts:

Overall Competition [between 19 S.I. Troops]:

Best Troop: Award & Trophy [no 1st/2nd/3rd Places]
Best Patrol: 1st Place – T37 Black Hawks
Best Gateway: 3rd Place

Patrol Competitions [in alphabetical order]:

Best Campsite: 1st Place – Black Hawks
Compass Skills: 1st Place – Screaming Eagles
Fire Building: 1st Place – Black Hawks
Fire Building: 3rd Place – Panthers
Knot Challenge: 1st Place – Roaring Tigers
Knot Challenge: 3rd Place – Black Hawks
Patrol Flag Design: 3rd Place – Black Hawks
Personal Fitness: 1st Place – Screaming Eagles

As reported by Joseph Nadal The Back Hawks Patrol got braggin rights on this one. Scoutmaster Di Trani confirmed that they carried the troop this time & set the bar for the other six patrols for next time.

When Patrol Leader Ben Lattanzio was asked about his secret for success, he responded, “I got this.” and “The patrol members who came worked hard as a team and followed my lead to get it done.”

On behalf of the T37 Scouts who earned these recognitions, we thank the Adult Leaders, Volunteers and Supporters who guided, advised, mentored and challenged these young men to do their best by manifesting their proven skills & abilities with confidence & leadership.


Joe Lattanzio, Chairperson
Troop 37 Parents Committee

Camporee-Friday May 18, 2012-Sunday May 20

Troop 37 – it’s all up to you!!! Be Prepared!!

Those attending the Camporee on May 18-20, 2012 at Pouch Camp please be at the
Camporee Field by 5:00 P.M. (Manor Road across from the JCC).

[ ] Make sure you are Wearing Boots and in Full “Class A” Uniform including Scout Socks.

[ ] Please bring an item for Project Homefront to help support our Military Troops.

[ ] Everyone should pack your Backpack accordingly and be prepared for the check list
inspection at the check in.

[ ] Remember to Pack your “Class B” Troop T-shirt

Patrol Leaders be sure to bring: [ ] Rosters and [ ] Menus [ ] Have a Patrol Cheer, Yell,
or Call [ ] Patrol Chuck Boxes and metal Legs. [ ] String Bag Packs

Reminder: Troop 37 is assisting with the St. Teresa’s Car Show on Sunday after the

Troop Meeting Friday May 11, 2012

Uniform:  “Class A” We are holding an Inspection- Bring Your Pack

If you did not pay for the Camporee the Cost is- $25.00 – You also need to turn in a Permission Slip {click here}.  Please turn in to Mrs. Nadal Troop Treasurer at the beginning of meeting.

This week we will again work on Lashing Skills continuing with Diagonal Lashing – review Boy Scout Handbook pages 392-400. We will also be prepping equipment for the Camporee.

CHECK OUT the Animated Diagonal Lashing link

REMINDER: Patrol Leaders need to: [  ] Contact all their members [ ] Bring Completed Patrol Flags, [  ] Menus, and [  ] Duty Rosters. Report can be found on Troop web site in the resources section.

Green Bar Meeting- immediately following Troop Meeting