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Ad Altari Dei Retreat

If  you signed up to earn the Ad Altari Dei Religious Medal, one your requirements is to attend a retreat and you’re in luck.

The 2012 Archdiocesan Annual Catholic Scout Retreat is being hosted by the Marydell Faith & Life Center on November 17, 2012 from 8:30 am to 5:30 PM in Nyack, New York.

If you wish to attend please contact Ron Gutierrez via email at for more information.

You can download the flyer and registration form by clicking HERE.

Troop Meeting Friday September 28, 2012


WE ARE MEETING AT THE ST TERESA’S PARISH HOUSE  located on the corner of Windsor Place and Slosson Avenue by the large parking lot. “Class A” Uniform.

[  ] Scouts who did not bring their Scout Handbooks last week must bring them this week so they can be entered into Troopmaster

[  ] If you are attending the Oct 19 -21 Fort Wadsworth Camping Trip please bring $25.00 and Permission Slip {download here}. If you want to attend, Payment and Permission slip  must be turned no later than Friday October 5, 2012

[  ] Troop 37 needs the assistance of Scouts, Parents, older brother and sisters to assist with staffing two water stations for the Staten Island Half Marathon:

When:  Sunday October 7, 2012-  7:00 am to 11:30 am  Home before Noon

Where: Corner of Father Capodanno Blvd. and McClean Ave.

Who: Scouts, Parents, Adults, older Brothers and Sisters

What: Staff water stations- NO UNIFORMS

How: Setting up – filling cups with water and placing on tables for the runners Why: A Donation will be made to Troop 37 for each volunteer present.

[  ] Last year’s Patrol Leaders are to turn in Patrol Boxes and Patrol equipment at this week’s meeting

[  ] Tuesday Evening October 9, 2012-  7:00 PM  Troop 37 Ride Along with New York City Fire Department- – Fireboat  Marine 9   …. “Class A” Uniform- Details to follow at Troop Meeting

Junior Leader Training Weekend – Friday, September 21-23

If you have received an email with your name in the attached sheet, you have been selected to attend the Troop 37 Junior Leader Training Weekend. Congratulations!

Someone from the Senior Patrol will be contacting you to verify if you are attending or not. If you do not hear from someone in the Senior Patrol, please contact them and let them know if you will attending or not.

Some of you may not make be able to attend due to other obligations – this is not a problem. There is always next year. You will still have a Troop leadership position.

Information about JLT Trip:

What is JLT? JLT Training is the leadership training given primarily by the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters to all the youth leaders in their troop. ALL Boy Scout troops should conduct the JLT course with every leadership shift—whether it is when the youth get a new troop position or a patrol leadership role.

Meet at Shed 4:30 PM Friday September 21, 2011

Where: Upstate Buckhorn NY- Mr. G’s Hunting Camp

Camping– Sleeping in Tents ( bring sleeping bag/mattress)

Food – Adults are Cooking-No Patrol Cooking

No Backpacks – Use a soft Bag or small Duffle /gym Bag

Must Bring
1) $10.00 Pay for Trip (food& Transportation)
2) A Cup to Drink out of (we are not bringing paper/ foam cups)
3) Pack a sandwich/snack for Friday night’s dinner
4) Hiking Boots – no sneakers

Camping/Folding Chair is–Recommended

Troop Meeting – Friday, September 14th

This weeks meeting will be in lower church hall @ 7:30p.  We will be focusing on “Stranger Danger”.

Dress code:

– Class “B” T-shirt

– Shorts or Sweat pants

– Sneakers (No Boots)

Also, please bring your Scout Handbooks as we are updating Troop Master and will be updating your handbooks as needed.

Welcome Back!

Troop 37 Registration Meeting

Friday September 7, 2012

7:30 p.m.- Lower Church Hall

Parents are asked to attend registration

Registration Fees:

$100 for one child / $150 for two children

Please make checks payable to ” BSA Troop 37″

$10 per scout will be collected for food supplies and each family will be given a theme for their gift basket to support the Pancake Breakfast

Scouts should be dressed in class a Uniform and bring their Scout Handbook so entries from summer camp can be recorded.

 The Knot of the Month is the Square Knot.

Hope to see you there!