Durland Camping Trip


We are meeting at the Troop Shed on Friday at 4:30 PM sharp. Please be aware that
we are tent camping and the temperature can drop significantly at night so be sure to
pack properly, and please bring the following:

[ ] Bring a Sandwich or brown bag something for your Friday night dinner.
[ ] You must bring your own Cup to drink out of.
[ ] Wool or Fleece Hat
[ ] Gloves
[ ] Jacket
[ ] Hiking Boots
[ ] Extra socks
[ ] Money for the Trading Post
[ ] Water Bottle or canteen
[ ]10 Essentials
[ ]Sleeping Bag / foam pad or  air mattress
[ ] Scout Handbook

For tent camping trip to Agatha A. Durland Scout Reservation, please review and use the
packing list. The items will be necessary to insure your health and comfort while
participating in the activities planned for a camping trip. Please, NO radios, iPods,
electronic games or other sound emitting electronic devices. ALL clothing items
that a scout takes should be permanently marked with their name.

Durland Scout Reservation 1 Clear Lake, Putnam Valley, NY 10579  (845) 526-2029
For more information about Durland Scout Reservation

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