Friday, October 4, 2013 – Merit Badge Meeting / Big Apple Jambo Packing

This Friday is a Merit Badge Meeting –“Class A” Uniforms

[ ] ”BE PREPARED” to work on a Merit Badge and bring your worksheets.

[ ] If you have any Troop Merit Badges books you are no longer using please return
them and make sure they are signed back in by the Troop Librarian.

[ ] Bring Scout Handbooks so requirements from the Camp-o-ree can be signed off

[ ] Scouts who were requested to DRY OUT TENTS after JLT are required to return them on Friday cleaned out and dry and given to Quartermaster for inventorying. (Tents will be needed for Big Apple Jambo the following weekend)

Board of Reviews: There are four scouts ready for Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Reviews.  Each will have received an email notifying them.

Big Apple Jambo (10/11/2013 – 10/14/2013):  Big Apple Jambo is the following weekend.  There will be no meeting that Friday night.

–       All attendees MUST provide Medical Forms Parts A & B (No Doctor Visit required) {Click here for Medical Forms}For those who attended summer camp we have your medicals on file.  Those that have not turned in a medical will have received an email notifying them to bring the completed forms to Friday’s meeting. (This includes the Senior Webelos and their Den Leaders)

–       Class A’s are REQUIRED for Check in, Opening Ceremonies, religious services and both shows.  Class B’s are to be worn remainder of the weekend.  Senior Webelos included.

–       Bring signed Permission Slip {Click Here for Permission Slip}

–       This will be Tent Camping so bring Ground pads as well as your Sleeping Bags.

–       We will be hiking from St. Teresa Shed to Pouch Camp. – Backpacks will be required and Hiking Boots (No Sneakers)

–       Plan to pack for cold and wet conditions as a precaution. Refer to our Camping Checklist for recommendations.

–       Food and Beverages will be provided all weekend by BAJ Staff.  MUST bring water bottle and Drinking cup.

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