Junior Leader Training Weekend, Friday Sept. 20 – 22, 2013

There will be no meeting this Friday as we conduct our Junior Leader Training this weekend. If you have received an email inviting you to attend, you will be contacted by someone from the Senior Patrol to confirm your participation. If you are not contacted please contact them and inform them if you will be attending.

Due to the limited space available, we chose to use the Leadership Application as a means to determine the attendees.  If you overlooked submitting an application and have not received an invite, do not worry.  There is always next year. You will still be able to attain a Troop leadership position.

What is JLT?

JLT Training is the leadership training given primarily by the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters to all the youth leaders in their troop. ALL Boy Scout troops should conduct the JLT course with every leadership shift—whether it is when the youth get a new troop position or a patrol leadership role.

We will be meeting at the Shed 4:30 PM Friday September 20, 2013

Where: Upstate Buck horn NY- Mr. G’s Hunting Camp

Camping- Sleeping in Tents

Food – Adults are Cooking-No Patrol Cooking
No Backpacks – Use a soft Bag or Duffle /gym Bag to carry belongings *** There looks to be some rain forecasted for Saturday,  so be sure to pack some rain gear and some extras clothes. 

Must Bring:
1) $10.00 Pay for Trip (food& Transportation)
2) Signed permission slip (attached)
3) A Cup to Drink out of (we are not binging any paper/foam cups)
4) Pack a sandwich/snack for Friday night’s dinner
5) Hiking Boots

Camping/Folding Chair – is Recommended

Return Sunday at around 1:00-2:00 PM

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