Friday, Oct. 11 – Big Apple Jambo

This Friday we will be hiking to Pouch Camp to attend the GNYC Big Apple Jambo for four days, October 11 – 14.  We will be meeting at the Troop shed @ 5:45pm, no later than 6:00 pm.  

** Update: The list of merit badges to be offered are imaged below. Be sure to bring pen, paper and merit badge worksheets.

2013 Big Apple Jamboree Merit Badges Offered

All attendees must:

  • Eat dinner prior to muster at shed or bring sandwich that will fit in backpack – No food services Friday evening.
  • MUST bring Medicals if they have not alreadyYou will not be able to attend the weekend if we do not have your Medical A & B forms, which do not require Doctor visit. {Click here to download forms}.
  • MUST bring signed permission slip. {Click here to download permission slip}
  • Muster at shed in Class B with scout pants and socks – Senior Webelos included.  Full Class A shirts and neckerchiefs are to be in backpacks Quickly Accessible.
    • When not in Class A, we will be in our Class B t-shirts for the other parts of weekend (no excuses).  Senior Webelos Pack shirts are sufficient for Class B
    • Must have everything in backpack with Flash Light/Head lamp, water bottle and poncho quickly accessible not buried in pack.
    • Must have backpack (With backpack cover or Large Trash bags)/sleeping bag/ground pad
    • Must WEAR Hiking boots (No Sneakers) / Extra pair of shoes (in camp – Sneakers ok as back up)
    • Must bring FULL Water Bottle – No empties
    • Must bring Drinking cupThere will be no  drinking cups in camp
    • Pack for cold and wet conditions – Jacket and Poncho (Currently forecasted to be in the high 60’s with a 40 – 30% chance of rain Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
    • Pack clothes in plastic bags/zip lock bags for weather proofing of clothes. (Extra socks / underwear)
    • Personal First Aid Kit / Hand sanitizer / Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Wipes (a Scout is Clean)
    • Camp chair, optional.  (Will be placed in equipment vehicle).
    • Hiking Stick / Compass / Pen, Paper and Merit Badge pamphlets and worksheets. Day pack/String bag for weekend to carry various items.
    • Blue Cards will be available.


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