Friday, Oct. 25th – Regular Troop Meeting

Scouts should be in Full Class AUniform  AND must have Handbook for Patrol Corner book check and Troopmaster sheet updates. (All updated sheet to be given to Mr. Lui)


2012 Patrol Leaders: Please begin bringing in your Patrol Boxes so the new 2013 Patrol Leaders may take possession and inventory them. 2013 Patrol must be prepared to take home their Patrol boxes.

November 1st – Color Guard Volunteers: Please contact Mrs. Nuccio and obtain the meeting place and times to be to the Maritime Luncheon on time.

Pancake Breakfast Raffle Baskets – DUE:  Lisa Naughton, Laura Esposito and Patty O’Brien will be accepting your completed and wrapped raffle baskets. This is the last day to turn in your raffle baskets. If the family is unable to bring it, the parents need to make arrangements with Mrs. Naughton.

Camping – November 15 – 17 This is the second to last time to get your payments and permission slips in for the November 15 – 17 Alpine Camping Trip.

  • You must bring in your $25.00 and Permission Slip {Click to download here}November 1st Meeting is the cutoff date and we will not accept any payments or permission slips after this date.
  • Patrol Leaders should begin getting preliminary headcounts – retain them for next week
  • It is important to note that this will be a serious hike of approximately 12 miles.  Hiking boots are an ABSOLUTE MUST and they need to be BROKEN IN PRIOR TO THAT WEEKEND.  New Hiking boots will cause your scout undue injury with blisters, so please start looking at your scouts boots now. Any scout showing up with sneakers will be sent home.



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