Friday, May 9th – Regular Troop Meeting

This Friday there will be having our regular Troop meeting in Lower Church Hall @ 7:30pm. All scouts are to be in Class A uniform with handbooks.

We will be having a camporee shakedown. All scouts are to bring in their backpacks packed as they would be for Camporee. The list of required Patrol check-in items are listed below.

HMSR Summer Camp – Final payment due.

Patrol Check-in and Inspection

Each Troop will be presented to the registration committee by the SPL. The registration committee will be stationed in the HQ tent at the entrance to the Camporee field. The SPL will hand in all of the registration documents and take troop picture. At that point the patrols will split off for Inspection.
While on line to be checked in, the Scouts must be on their best Scout behavior as the scoring for Scout Sprit has begun.

Each Patrol is responsible for and will be judged on the below:
+ All scouts in proper Class “A” uniform.(Each Patrol Member)
+ Proper footwear (Each Patrol Member)
+ First Aid Kit (At least 2 per patrol)
+ Flash Light (Each Patrol Member)
+ Knife(Each Patrol Member with Totin Chip)
+ Fire starter and matches (Each Patrol Member)
+ Rain Gear (Each Patrol Member)
+ Backpacks properly packed. One chosen at random for inspection
+ Packs and Backpacks properly waterproofed
+ Compass (At least 3 per patrol)
+ Whistle (At least 2 per patrol)
+ Effective Leadership by patrol Leader

Points earned will go towards Troop’s overall score.

Patrol Flag

All Patrol flags must be constructed entirely by the patrol members. Patrol leader must present the flag during check-in to the registration representative. Each Flag must have the name of the patrol, name of the patrol members and troop number. The Representative will provide a form for the Patrol Leader to fill out and present to the Flag committee after the Saturday morning opening ceremony

Upcoming Events
• May 10th – Car Wash
• May 16th – 18th – Camporee
• May 23rd – Merit Badge Meeting – Summer Camp Merit Badge Due – Will not be accepting anything after this day.
• May 24th – Car Wash
• May 30th – Regular Troop Meeting
• May 31st – Car Wash
• Jun 6th – Regular Troop Meeting – $$/Permission Slip cutoff for Canoe Trip
• Jun 7th – Car Wash
• Jun 13th – Flag Retirement Ceremony – Summer Camp Medicals Due
• Jun 20th – 22nd Canoe Trip
• Jun 27th – Court of Honor
• Jun 28th – Car Wash
• July 13th – 19th – Hawk Mountain Summer Camp

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