Friday, Oct. 9 – Troop Meeting – Green Bar and Board of Review

This Friday we will be having our Troop meeting in Lower Church Hall. Scouts should be in Class “A” uniform and have their scout handbook.

We will begin with a Green Bar meeting at 6:30pm. All new leadership scouts should be in attendance with their ideas ready to go.

Patrol Box Exchange: 2014-2015 Patrol leaders must bring in their Patrol Box to give to the 2015-2016 Patrol leaders. The patrol box MUST BE CLEAN AND NEAT to hand over. If it is sticky, dirty or just awful you will be required to take home to clean and bring back. Adult Leaders will be checking. 2015-2016 Patrol Leaders should be prepared to take home your new Patrol Box.

Alpine Scout Camp Tent Camping and HikeSigned permission slips and payment of $30 is due in order to attend. Click here to download permission slip

Pancake Breakfast/Chinese Auction: Scout family gift baskets are due. Please see Ms. Cocozza or Mrs. Naughton. We are also accepting any empty baskets for use with other prizes or item you wish to re-gift.

Oct. 23rd Aviation Luncheon Color Guard: We are looking for a few good scouts interested in being a part of the Color Guard for the Aviation Luncheon in Manhattan. G NYC Council will provide letters for your schools to explain your absence. Please see Mr. Nadal if you are interested.

New Venture Patrol for 2015-2016: Are you 14 years or older? Are you First Class or higher? Have you participated at least 50% or higher of the Troop’s outings and meetings? If you answered “Yes” to these questions then you can be a part of the Venture Patrol. The Venture Patrol is “The Patrol within Patrols”.

Eligible scouts from the different existing patrols have the opportunity to participate in high adventure activities separate from or even during Troop camping trips. Going to Alpine this month? Then you have the opportunity to bump up your game and hike further than the 12 miles the Troop is currently set to do. Have more questions?




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