Troop Meeting Friday March 04, 2016

GREENBAR / Patrol Leaders Council will meet at 6:30 PM prior to Troop Meeting

Merit Badge Meeting

This Friday March 4, 2015, will be a Merit Badge Meeting. Please remember to bring all your merit badge worksheets, books, and any other necessary items needed for the merit badge that you are working on. Scouts who signed out Merit Badge Books and have completed the merit badge please return them to Librarian. All Merit Badge Books from the Troop library must be signed out.

Merit Badge workbooks and requirements/ information can be obtained at Merit Badge Research Center:

If you need a particular Merit Badge Councilor to be present at the meeting be sure to contact them, it is the Scout’s responsibility.


Troop Librarians please arrive early to set up

Service Patrol: Striking Cobras please arrive early to set up.

Honor Patrol: Rattle Snakes


Know your Knots – This Month –Timber Hitch


Durland Scout Reservation Camping Trip

We are in the process of finalizing plans for the Durland Scout Reservation Camping Trip on the weekend of March 18-20, 2016. It will be cabin camping and the Adults will be cooking. To properly order the appropriate amount of food, supplies, and ensure adequate vehicle transportation we need to know who is attending by Friday 03/04/16, if attending – please bring payment of $30 and a signed permission form. Permission slips are available to printout (click here)


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