Friday, October 7th – Troop Meeting

Greenbar Meeting prior to at: 6:30
This Friday we begin with our Greenbar meeting.  Only Greenbar members need to be in the Lower Church Hall at 6:30 PM.
Regular Troop meeting begins promptly by falling in at 7:30 PM
CLASS B UNIFORMS-(Troop T-Shirts) We will be doing a meeting devoted to Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and Fun Patrol competition games.
Service PatrolHowling Coyotes please arrive early to set up LCH.
Honor Patrol: Blackhawks
CPR Training will be conducted by Mary Lou Coriasco on this coming Saturday October 8, 2016 in Lower Church Hall. Please register with Mary Lou by no later than Wednesday, October 5th.
Click here to download the flyer for contact information- Click here to download the flyer for contact information.
All Scouts are encouraged to participate.  Cost is $10.00.  Participants must preregister to attend.
Fort Wadsworth Camping Trip- October 21, 22, 23, 2016
We will be camping out in Camp Hudson at Fort Wadsworth. We will be working on the Boy Scouts of America “Emergency Preparedness Award” and the Search and Rescue Merit Badge with CERT and be visiting the US Coast Guard. More info to follow. Reserve your spot now -Cost of Trip is $25 “permission-ftwadsworth16” for link to Permission Slip.
[  ]    Patrol Leaders need to inspect their Patrol Boxes and they are ready
[  ]    Patrol Leaders need to conduct Patrol Headcount for Ft. Wadsworth Trip
Knot of the MonthThis month’s knot is the “Square Lash” check out the animated square lash at:
It’s right there in the Scout Oath:
“… to keep myself physically strong”
Starting this year, Boy Scouts are required to do just that if they want to advance through Scouting’s ranks.
New Boy Scout requirements that took effect on Jan. 1, 2016, put a greater emphasis on Scouts being physically active. There are new requirements at Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class that require Scouts to do what they love to do: move around a lot. The Personal Fitness merit badge, meanwhile, remains a requirement to earn the Eagle Scout rank.
Where can I find the new Boy Scout requirements?
The BSA has made it easy for you, providing this PDF straight from the new Boy Scout Handbook (which, by the way, is now available). NEW REQUIREMENTS : 524-012_bs_requirements
There’s also this requirements insert (524-012_bs_requirements), which is suitable for printing and including in a previous-generation Handbook.
Merit Badge Books – Anyone who borrowed merit badge books from the Troop Library for summer camp please return them this week. Return books directly to the Troop Librarian “Jarod D” so that he removes your name from the outstanding books list. If you have any Merit Badge Books of your own that you longer need you can donate them to the Troop Library.

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