NO MEETING THIS WEEK -Friday Feb. 10, 2016

Valley Forge Trip – scheduled for Feb 10th, 11th, & 12th

has been CANCELLED by the organizers.



           NEXT MEETING      Friday February 17, 2017

Merit Badge Meeting

On Friday February 17, 2017 there will be a Merit Badge Meeting. Please remember to bring all your merit badge worksheets, books, and any other necessary items needed for the merit badge that you are working on. Scouts who signed out Merit Badge Books and have completed the merit badge please return them to Librarian. All Merit Badge Books from the Troop library must be signed out.

Troop Librarians please arrive early to set up


Service Patrol: Howling Coyotes please arrive early to set up.

Honor Patrol: Pink Panthers

“Knot of the Month” is Sheer Lashing- You also will need to know the knots of the previous months (Square, Sheet Bend, Clove Hitch, Bowline,Taughtline). Is anyone ready for the “Know Knot Challenge”?  Check out animated link to Sheer lashing


March 3rd TMR- Winter Blast Trip

Need to know if you are attending..

$40 per Scout… Limited Space. Please make payment and Print out Permission Form (Click Here)


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