Troop Meeting Friday April 21,2017

This week’s meeting starts promptly at 7:30 PM. Uniform standards will be relaxed Class B – Activity Uniform (Troop T-shirt). Please Be sure to bring your Scout Handbook to the meeting.


Patrol Leaders

[  ]  Two Patrol Leaders still need to complete their Patrol flags

[  ]  Patrol Leaders inspect your Patrol Boxes and ensure they are ready

[  ]  Patrol Leaders Have Menus Ready and Patrol Headcount


Service Patrol: Roaring Tigers please arrive early to set up.

Honor Patrol: Sly Foxes


“Knot of the Month” is Two Half Hitches- You also will need to know the knots of the previous months (Square, Sheet Bend, Clove Hitch, Bowline). Is anyone ready for the “Know Knot Challenge”?  Check out animated link to Two Half Hitches

Saturday April 22, 2017

 Hammer & Saw Day at Pouch Camp 9:00AM

There will be service projects for units to assist on. Units that attend will be given 75 points toward Unit awards at Camporee. Units must work a minimum of 4 hours. Units must have at least 50% of the Scouts in attendance for the Service Project. Adults are welcome to assist.  Meet by Scout shop.


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