Troop Meeting Friday December 8, 2017

This will be a special Troop Meeting Class A Uniform. Representatives from Staten Island University Hospital-Northwell Health will be conducting a “Stop The Bleed!” training session for Scouts, Leaders, Parents and Alumni of Troop 37 are all welcome to attend. The only thing more tragic than a death from bleeding….is a death that could have been prevented.

A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes. While emergency responders will arrive as quickly as possible, bystanders are almost always there first. In the case of disaster and high-casualty incidents, emergency services are often spread thin. This is where Stop The Bleed! comes in to play. This FREE training program will teach you to stop severe bleeding and Save a Life!  WILL YOU BE READY?

Stop the Bleed Booklet:


Image result for clipart cow hitch knot

Knot of the Month” is Lanyard Hitch (Cow Hitch).

Scouts -Check your email for New Troop Knot Challenge You should also know the knots of the previous months (Square Knot, Two Half Hitches, Taught Line Hitch, Clove Hitch). Be Prepared! Is anyone ready for the “Know Knot Challenge”? Check out the Cow Hitch animated knot link:

Service Patrol: Screaming Eagles please arrive early to set up LCH.

Honor Patrol: Black Hawks Opening and Closing


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