Troop Meeting Friday February 23, 2018

Uniform standards are relaxed this week, so we will be wearing Class B T-Shirts for this week’s meeting, this will allow for our Class A Uniforms to be clean and ready for the Battleship New Jersey trip on Saturday.

Knot of the Month is the Square Lashing

CHECK OUT the Animated Square Lashing link:

Battleship New Jersey Sleepover Trip Saturday February 24, 2018

We are meeting at the shed on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 PM. Please be sure to read what to bring and NOT to bring. Please also be sure to read the PREBOARDING PROCEDURES EMAIL sent by Scoutmaster.

                                                                  What to Bring

  • Wear Class A Uniform

• Sleeping bag or blanket, a sheet and a pillow. Compartments are heated and air conditioned, but variations exist. Be guided by the weather. Bring weather-appropriate sleepwear. The Battleship provides only a mattress.

• Any personal gear that may go adrift should be marked with the owner’s name.

Bring only soft carrying bags, as small as possible. No hard framed backpacks, hard luggage, luggage carts or school bag wheelies.

• Flashlight with fresh batteries

• Still camera for pictures (no video cameras)

• Face cloth, towel, dental care products, prescription medicines, personal toiletries.

• If desired, a padlock with key or combination for your locker.

• Playing cards, small board games, etc.

• Money for souvenirs and snacks


What NOT to Bring

• Alcohol and illegal substances, chewing gum or tobacco, pets, fishing gear.

• Fireworks, firearms, pocketknives and Leatherman-type tools, pliers and screwdrivers.

Anyone caught using tools to remove or deface ship items will be prosecuted.

• Smoking below decks is not permitted at any time. Smoking by adults is permitted only on the elevator platform ONLY when smoking lamp is lit.

• Audio devices such as a Ipod, CD or MP3 players, or radios.

Cell phones do not work well below decks. The noise level below decks can be high and everyone needs to be able to hear announcements for safety and organizational purposes so it is helpful to minimize local noise. No headphones.

• Air mattresses are prohibited.

• “Roller sneakers” are strictly prohibited as they are a serious safety hazard. Safe, comfortable footwear is strongly

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