Daily Archives: October 1, 2018

Troop Meeting Friday October 5, 2018

–         We will be conducting an election for the new Senior Patrol Leader. Everyone is asked to attend so they have a say in who their new leader will be;

–         After the opening ceremony, the candidates will be given the opportunity to briefly address the Troop, after which voting will be conducted;

–         Once the SPL is elected, new Patrols will be formed;

–         Last year’s Patrol Leaders must return their Patrol Boxes at this meeting. Please conduct an inventory of the Patrol Box, complete the attached, Patrol Box Inventory list, Patrol Box Inventory Form and bring it to the meeting;

–         Class A Uniforms;

–         The Skill of the month is hiking.  Please read pages 262-283 in your Handbook.

–         Anyone who has a tent from JLT, please return it to the Quartermaster.

Quail Hill Camping TripFriday, October 19 to Sunday, October 21 We will be sleeping in tents. Cost is $30.  On Saturday, October 20, we will be hiking the historic Battle of Monmouth Trail.  Any scout completing this 11 mile hike can earn a medal.  If you are interested in receiving the medal, please add $6 to your payment.  The permission slip for this trip is attached here.  All payments are due by this Friday, October 5, 2018.

Adventure Park of Long Island Trip Flyer Attached-  Saturday, October 27 at 1 pm Cost is $45 per climber.  Parents are welcome.  Anyone climbing must complete a waiver prior to arriving.  Click here to complete the waiver- https://www.smartwaiver.com/auto/?auto_waiverid=535fff12b309f&auto_tag=r836069 .  Payment is due by Friday, October 12, 2018.

Joe Ferretti’s Eagle Project- this Saturday, October 6 at 8:30 am in Richmondtown, 441 Clarke Avenue.  See attached flyer here . Please try to attend to help out your fellow scout.