Camporee- this Friday, May 3

Those attending the Camporee please be at the Camporee Field by 4:30 P.M. (Manor Road across from the JCC). 

Be Prepared! See the packing checklist (here).  Please read carefully.

Pack ahead of time. Do not wait until the last moment, you will forget things.

[ ] Make sure you are Wearing Boots (no sneakers) and in are Full “Class A” Uniform when you arrive.

[ ] including Scout Socks. (they will check)

[ ] Everyone should pack your Backpack accordingly, make sure it is waterproofed (Pack Cover or garbage bag) and be prepared for the

    check list inspection (attached) at the check in.

[ ] Pack a Sandwich for Friday night’s dinner

[ ] Have a water bottle filled with water

[ ] Pack the 10 essentials

[ ] Bandanna or handkerchief

[ ] Remember to Pack your “Class B” Troop T-shirt (Need it on Saturday)

    and most importantly don’t forget your Scout Spirit

If you have any questions, please contact your Patrol Leader or one of the SPL’s.

Patrol Leaders be sure to bring:

[ ] Menus [ ] Patrol Flags  [ ] Patrol Flag and skit entry forms  [ ] Have a Patrol Cheer, Yell, or Call

[ ] Patrol Boxes and metal Legs. [ ] a String Bag Pack, [ ] Pen,

Scouts, make sure you practice and know your knots, including the sheepshank.  Click here for a demonstration-

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