About The Troop


Welcome to Troop 37’s home on the web! We have been serving the boys in our area for over 60 years and are looking forward to many more. We strive towards the Boy Scout objectives of developing character, citizenship and personal fitness. Here you will find many details about the troop and how it operates.  Whether you are a prospective scout or parent or an existing member of the troop, this is an ideal place for you to be.

Services to the Community


Scouts from Troop 37 assisted in the preparations for an Interfaith Passover Seder hosted by St. Teresa Church. The Scouts set up tables and chairs, tablecloths and place settings. They even assisted in placing the Seder feast on each table which consisted of egg, mixed fruit, unleavened bread, wine, bitter herbs, and shank bone of the Passover lamb. They also learned the significance of each item and the reason for the Seder meal, the prayers, and Passover.


Troop 37 Scouts assisted with Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer Service and visit tonight at St. Teresa’s Church.

The Scouts and Adults equipped with electronic glow sticks and wearing reflective vests assisted by directing the parking of attendees vehicles from various Parishes.


On April 6, 2013, twenty five volunteers, including members of the Grasmere Civic Association, members from Boy Scout Troop 37 and other concerned citizens undertook a herculean effort to clean up Whitney Woods. They were able to remove a huge amount of trash and debris from the woods, including bags, bottles and cans, car parts, half a dozen car tires, another half dozen shopping carts, an old dish washer and yes, even two kitchen sinks! Pictured above are Troop 37 Scouts Brain Zhong, Raymond Modolo, Michael Rodriguez, Peter Liu and Assistant Scoutmaster Paul Liu.

Source- Grasmere Civic Association Newsletter

Chapin Woods pond

Members of Boy Scout Troop 37 made a big difference in Chapin Woods as they worked to shore up the bank of the threatened pond.

Staten Island Scouts work to shore up pond in Chapin Woods

The Boy Scouts to The Rescue


We meet Friday evenings 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at Saint Teresa’s Church in the Lower Church Hall from September to June. Unless otherwise posted on this web site. The Friday evening program includes Scout skills, rank advancement, merit badges, games, inter-patrol activities, guest speakers and specialty nights. Directions to Saint Teresa’s Church


In 1954 Boy Scout Troop 37 was founded and chartered by Saint Teresa’s R.C. Church in Staten Island, NY. This year Troop 37 is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The Troop is proud of its more than 85 Scouts that have attained Scouting’s highest honor, the rank of Eagle Scout and of consistently earning each year the “Journey to Excellence Gold Award. For a complete listing of our Eagles follow the “Eagle Honor Roll” link at top of page.


The leadership of Boy Scout Troop 37 is provided by the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC), The Patrol Leaders’ Council selects, plans, and leads Troop activities, and is the key to having a Boy-Led Troop. The Patrol Leaders’ Council is made up of the Senior Patrol Leader, who presides over the meetings; the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, all Patrol LeadersTroop Guides, Scribe  and others as determined by the PLC. The PLC meets annually to plan the program for the year and then twice each month to plan the details of campouts, weekly Troop meeting, and activities. Boy Scouts is “Boy-Led.” The PLC, not the adult leaders, is responsible for planning and conducting the troop’s activities. The Scoutmaster (and assistant Scoutmasters) provide direction, coaching, and training that empowers the boy with the skills he will need to lead his troop. The Troop Committee provides resources to help the PLC.  In short, the Scouts run the Troop.

Adult Guidance

While the troop committee supports the troop program, it does not operate it. That responsibility falls to the Scoutmaster (SM) and assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs). They train and guide the boy leaders to run the troop and ensure that the troop’s program is carried out in an effective and safe manner. The SM and ASMs are active participants in troop meetings and the outdoor program and must work with all of the troop’s Scouts to teach new skills, and with the troop’s Scout leadership to ensure their continued development as leaders. Scoutmaster and the Assistant Scoutmasters are uniformed and B.S.A. trained. There is also the Troop Parents Committee, http://bsatroop37.us/troop-37-committee/ which supports the Troop, and is made up of parents of the Scouts and adult volunteers, who in some cases, are former Troop 37 Scouts. The Committee meets monthly as noted on the Troop calendar. http://bsatroop37.us/calendar/ The meetings are open and attendance is encouraged by all parents and other interested adults.


Our program strives to achieve the Aims of Scouting: character development, citizenship training, and mental & personal fitness. The emphasis of Troop 37’s program is on outdoor activities and advancement through the various Scouting ranks. We have a strong outdoor program that includes camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, skiing/snowboarding and swimming. The Troop goes camping once a month from September to June (except December) and attends one week of summer camp in July. Troop Scouts and Adults have gone to Philmont High Adventure Camp, National Jamborees, Council and District Camporees. The Troop has had weekend camping trips to Vermont, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg and many local Scout camps. Along the way, the Scouts earn badges and advance in rank, and have a lot of fun doing so. Two annual, and much anticipated, family trips each year are our Troop Canoe Trip along the Delaware Water Gap and our Troop Ski Trip to Shawnee Mountain, which all Troop family members are invited to attend.

Troop Finances

Troop 37 dues are $100.00 per Scout per year. The dues cover the BSA National membership, annual registration fee, insurance fees, Boys Life subscription, uniform advancement/badges insignia and the purchase and maintenance of the Troop camping equipment and supplies. Individual activities may have fees associated with them. If so, Scouts and their parents will be notified well in advance. Individual fees for all weekend camping trips and activities are paid by each Scout as he attends each event. There are also fund raising events, such as the Pancake Breakfast and Troop Car Washes, in which the Scouts can participate to raise funds to be used for summer camp attendance.


We are happy to welcome new Scouts at any time, whether you’re bridging from Cub Scouts or have no previous Scouting experience.  Scouting is open to all boys between the ages of 11 years old, or has completed the fifth grade, or is less than 17 years old regardless of race, religion, or creed. – you need not start at age 11 — as a matter of fact, we’ve had boys join the program as late as age 16 and thoroughly and successfully enjoyed their Scouting experience. To find out more, stop by any meeting or call or email to our Troop 37 Committee Chairperson Joseph Lattanzio at 347-268-9018 or joseph.lattanzio1@gmail.com.