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Friday, Oct. 25th – Regular Troop Meeting

Scouts should be in Full Class AUniform  AND must have Handbook for Patrol Corner book check and Troopmaster sheet updates. (All updated sheet to be given to Mr. Lui)


2012 Patrol Leaders: Please begin bringing in your Patrol Boxes so the new 2013 Patrol Leaders may take possession and inventory them. 2013 Patrol must be prepared to take home their Patrol boxes.

November 1st – Color Guard Volunteers: Please contact Mrs. Nuccio and obtain the meeting place and times to be to the Maritime Luncheon on time.

Pancake Breakfast Raffle Baskets – DUE:  Lisa Naughton, Laura Esposito and Patty O’Brien will be accepting your completed and wrapped raffle baskets. This is the last day to turn in your raffle baskets. If the family is unable to bring it, the parents need to make arrangements with Mrs. Naughton.

Camping – November 15 – 17 This is the second to last time to get your payments and permission slips in for the November 15 – 17 Alpine Camping Trip.

  • You must bring in your $25.00 and Permission Slip {Click to download here}November 1st Meeting is the cutoff date and we will not accept any payments or permission slips after this date.
  • Patrol Leaders should begin getting preliminary headcounts – retain them for next week
  • It is important to note that this will be a serious hike of approximately 12 miles.  Hiking boots are an ABSOLUTE MUST and they need to be BROKEN IN PRIOR TO THAT WEEKEND.  New Hiking boots will cause your scout undue injury with blisters, so please start looking at your scouts boots now. Any scout showing up with sneakers will be sent home.



Friday, October 4, 2013 – Merit Badge Meeting / Big Apple Jambo Packing

This Friday is a Merit Badge Meeting –“Class A” Uniforms

[ ] ”BE PREPARED” to work on a Merit Badge and bring your worksheets.

[ ] If you have any Troop Merit Badges books you are no longer using please return
them and make sure they are signed back in by the Troop Librarian.

[ ] Bring Scout Handbooks so requirements from the Camp-o-ree can be signed off

[ ] Scouts who were requested to DRY OUT TENTS after JLT are required to return them on Friday cleaned out and dry and given to Quartermaster for inventorying. (Tents will be needed for Big Apple Jambo the following weekend)

Board of Reviews: There are four scouts ready for Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Reviews.  Each will have received an email notifying them.

Big Apple Jambo (10/11/2013 – 10/14/2013):  Big Apple Jambo is the following weekend.  There will be no meeting that Friday night.

–       All attendees MUST provide Medical Forms Parts A & B (No Doctor Visit required) {Click here for Medical Forms}For those who attended summer camp we have your medicals on file.  Those that have not turned in a medical will have received an email notifying them to bring the completed forms to Friday’s meeting. (This includes the Senior Webelos and their Den Leaders)

–       Class A’s are REQUIRED for Check in, Opening Ceremonies, religious services and both shows.  Class B’s are to be worn remainder of the weekend.  Senior Webelos included.

–       Bring signed Permission Slip {Click Here for Permission Slip}

–       This will be Tent Camping so bring Ground pads as well as your Sleeping Bags.

–       We will be hiking from St. Teresa Shed to Pouch Camp. – Backpacks will be required and Hiking Boots (No Sneakers)

–       Plan to pack for cold and wet conditions as a precaution. Refer to our Camping Checklist for recommendations.

–       Food and Beverages will be provided all weekend by BAJ Staff.  MUST bring water bottle and Drinking cup.

Friday-September 27, 2013 – Linden Airport Meeting

In lieu of a regular Troop meeting we will be having an off-site meeting with a tour of the Linden Airport in Linden, New Jersey.

Parents:  Transportation assistance may be required dependent on the number of scouts attending.  If you can assist with transportation, please email Mr. Jerome.

We will be assembling at the shed at 5:30pm in order to arrive at the airport on time.  All scouts attending must:

  • Be in Full Class A Uniform – (Socks and neckerchief)
  • Bring dinner – (No food services at the airport)
  • Signed Permission slip {Link to Permission slip}


Linden Municipal Airport:

Linden Municipal Airport is a principal aviation gateway to the New York City / New Jersey Metropolitan Area. It is “Federally Designated Reliever Airport” that serves based and transient Private, Corporate, Charter, and other similar aircraft. Without Linden these aircraft would have to land at, and further congest, the near by Newark International Airport.

Located between the major interstate highways, Rt. 1 and the Rt. 95 (New Jersey Turnpike), Linden Airport provides quick and easy access to the entire region. Be it business or pleasure, New York City is easily reached via car, taxi or NJ Transit train. Linden is also only five minutes helicopter flight time to the New York City Heliports.

Linden Airport accommodates Single Engine, Multi Engine, Private Jet, Turboprop, and Helicopter aircraft, supporting them with fuel, hangar, maintenance, and parking facilities.

Registration Night Correction and Big Apple Jambo Cutoff Date


Our Registration Night is scheduled for Friday, September 6th, 2013 @ 7:30pm in Lower Church Hall.

Some postcards sent incorrectly stated September 3rd.


As the Troop must submit final rosters and payment on September 15th, we are having our permission slip and payment cutoff date on Friday, September 13th Troop meeting.   Neither will be accepted after that night.

Payment is $75 per Scout and $60 per Adult Leader. The permission slip may be downloaded here {Click Here}.

And the NYLT Essay Winner is…

The 2013 NYLT Conference Essay contest has come to a close and we have a Winner!

Congratulations Devlin Grewal!

The judges reviewed all essays submitted and Devlin’s was found to address all the necessary contest points.

Devlin will be representing Troop 37 at the National Youth Leadership Training Conference (NYLT) at William H. Pouch Scout Camp, Staten Island, New York.

The conference will be held two weekends at William H. Pouch Scout Camp, Staten Island, New York.

  • 6pm, Friday, September 20th through 5pm Sunday September 22nd, 2013; and
  • 6pm, Friday, October 4th through 4pm Sunday October 6th, 2013

Important Summer Camp Information

Important Summer Camp Information

We will all meet for Mass at Saint Teresa’s this Sunday July 14th at 7:00 AM Sharp. Meet at the Lower Church Hall parking lot. After the vehicles are loaded and Mass is finished we will leave for the camp at about 8:30 AM.

We will make our annual stop again this year at the Haag’s Hotel, Shartlesville, PA for a Breakfast Buffet. (Directions Here)

If you have any outstanding medical forms or funds to turn in please be sure do so .

Families are needed to drive up to the camp with us. There will be a lot of equipment and scouts to transport.

  • All Scouts and leaders will wear the Class B Troop T-shirt up to the camp and Breakfast. We will change into Class “A” once we arrive at camp.

  • Please make sure you son(s) have their bathing suit on under their class B uniform (scout shorts/pants, socks, belt, Troop T-shirt)or readily available (not packed in a trunk) with their towel. They should also have their Class A Uniform shirt readily available (not packed in a trunk) for as soon as we arrive at camp to take the troop photo.

  • Thursday is Hawaiian Shirt Day at Camp if you have a Hawaiian shirt bring it.

  • Be sure to bring Scout Socks Full dress class A uniform for all evening meals at the dining hall. For both camp wide campfires full dress class A uniform including Scout Socks

  • Bring a Hanger to Hang up your Uniform

  • Put you name or initials on the labels of all your clothing (especially uniform items and Troop T-shirts)

  • Don’t Bring Valuables or any Electronic Devices (Ipod’s, games, phones, radios, etc.) to camp. Leave them at home.

Additional Parents information / Scout Packing list {Click Here} and also Driving Directions {Click Here}. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Mike Di Trani
Scoutmaster, Troop 37

Troop Meeting June 14, 2013 at Pouch Camp

Troop Meeting 7:00 PM June 14, 2013 at Pouch Camp – Flag Retirement Ceremony

This Friday‘s meeting will be at 7:00 PM at Pouch Camp Camporee Field –Class A Uniforms. We will be participating in the Flag Retirement Ceremony. Please note meeting is starting ½ hour earlier and being held at Pouch Camp


Troop Meeting Friday May 24, 2013

This Friday is a Merit Badge Meeting –“Class A” Uniforms

[ ]  ”BE PREPARED” to work on a Merit Badge and bring your worksheets.

[ ] If you have any Troop Merit Badges books you are no longer using please return
them and make sure they are signed back in by the Troop Librarian.

[ ] Bring Scout Handbooks so requirements from the Camp-o-ree can be signed off

[ ] Life and Star Scouts who volunteered to DRY OUT TENTS please return them on Friday cleaned out and dry.

Saturday 05/26/13 is a Troop Car Wash– Meet at 7:00 AM at the Shed. Earn your way and reduce your Parent’s summer camp costs.

Monday 05/28/13 as always Troop 37 will be Handing out Flags at the Staten Island Memorial Day Parade on Forest Avenue along the Parade route just prior to the start of the Parade. Look Sharp –“Class A” Uniform. We will meet at 11:20 AM at the NE Corner of Forest Avenue and Hart Boulevard. Bring a water Bottle. We need your help we have a couple thousand Flags to hand out.

Troop Meeting Friday May 3, 2013

Troop Meeting Friday May 3, 2013

[ ] Scouts please bring your Scout Handbooks so we can record your
advancements. We will be working on Patrol Flags, and Camporee preparations.

[ ] Bring your Totin Chip Card

[ ] Class B Uniform- Troop T-shirt

[ ] If you did not pay for the Camporee the Cost is- $25.00 – You also need to turn
in a Permission Slip {click here}. Please turn in to Mrs. Nadal, Troop Treasurer at
the beginning of meeting.

[ ] Patrol Leaders need to contact each Patrol Member and get a complete
headcount for the Camporee May 17th -19th being held at Pouch Camp.

Update: If you need to fill out another Troop T-Shirt form for your scout or other family members {click here}

Friday April 26, 2013 -7:30 PM

This week is the

Mandatory Troop Parents Meetingat least one parent for each Scout must attend. We will be presenting the Troop Charter and have a presentation from Friends of Scouting.

Scouts please bring your Scout Handbooks and Totin’ Chip Cards. We will be working on Camporee preparations.

Be in Class “A” Uniform.