Mr. and Mrs. DeFazio celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Troop 37 would like to offer congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. DeFazio on their 50th wedding anniversary and to say thank to Mrs. DeFazio for allowing our Troop to benefit from Mr. DeFazio’s continued support, friendship and wisdom.

“For 50 years, they have been kidded about the fact that they were hitched on Independence Day.

On July 13, 2014, they celebrated their 50th anniversary with a party in the Tea Room at the Hilton Garden Inn, Bloomfield. They were joined by over 90 people, including their children, grandchildren, siblings, other relatives and friends….”

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2014 – 2015 Calendar posted

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation.

Before you know it, September will be upon us and our 2014 – 2015 scouting season will get into full swing.  We’ve decided to release the 2014 – 2015 Troop 37 Calendar so our families can begin incorporating the Troops calendar into the faniliy plans.

Please note that the calendar is not fully approved and is subject to change without notice, so please check it frequently throughout the year.

If you wish to sync this calendar with your mobile device you may find instructions here.


Summer Camp, Leadership Applications and Upcoming Eagle Project

Summer Camp was a success!  Everyone worked hard and earned many merit badges, but, best of all they had fun doing it. Need proof?  Have a look at the photos in the “Photo Archive” section.

For those scouts who did not receive a Junior Leader Training Application, we have posted the files for your downloading pleasure.

Please remember when making your choices:

  • Choose three (3) separate leadership positions you are interested in. Most interested to least interested.
  • Insure your non-scouting life is conducive to the leadership position you wish to attain. If you can’t perform the job, you will be removed from the job.
  • The application must be signed by you AND your parent, so be sure that you are both of the same mind.
  • The applications MUST BE HANDED in at our September registration meeting soon to be published on the Troop Google calendar.

Remember:  Personal Responsibility – You are the Captain of your own future!

Click here to download the “Leadership Position Description”

Click here to download the “Leadership Application” form.

Reminder: J. Nadal Eagle Project: July 25 – 26, 2014  Click here to download the flyer

Please make every effort to attend for a few hours to help support your fellow scout.

Wed. July 9th Last Chance Meeting and Important Summer Camp Information

On Wednesday July 9th at 7PM, we will be at St. Teresa’s Lower Church Hall to collect any outstanding summer camp fees, medical paperwork and distribute your scouts ordered class B t-shorts.

Please note: you must have all outstanding issues resolved at this meeting as we WILL NOT be accepting any fees or paperwork on the day departure.

[ ] Hawk Mountain (plus any additional fees; Pathfinder, Cope, Basketry, etc)
[ ] Haag’s Breakfast ($11.00 per person) –Need to submit a headcount
[ ] Friday Night Chicken Dinner ($8.50 Adults, $6.50 Child 10 & under)

[ ] Medicals Forms A, B & C (2 copies with Insurance card front and back) MUST HAVE
[ ] Food Allergy Forms (must have to attend camp)
[ ] Administer Over The Counter Medicine Form (must have to attend camp)

Important Summer Camp Information

We will all meet for Mass at Saint Teresa’s this Sunday July 13th at 7:00 AM Sharp. Meet at the Lower Church Hall parking lot. After the vehicles are loaded and Mass is finished we will leave for the camp at about 8:30 AM.

We will make our annual stop again this year at the Haag’s Hotel, Shartlesville, PA for a Breakfast Buffet. (Directions Here)

Families are needed to drive up to the camp with us. There will be a lot of equipment and scouts to transport.

  • All Scouts and leaders will wear the Class B Troop T-shirt up to the camp and Breakfast. We will change into Class “A” once we arrive at camp.
  • Please make sure your son(s) have their bathing suit on under their class B uniform (scout shorts/pants, socks, belt, Troop T-shirt) or readily available (not packed in a trunk) with their towel. They should also have their Class A Uniform shirt and 60th Anniverary Neckerschief readily available (not packed in a trunk) for as soon as we arrive at camp to take the troop photo.
  • Have a full water bottle to keep on their person as they tour the camp and to use daily to keep themselves hydrated.
  • Thursday is Hawaiian Shirt Day at Camp if you have a Hawaiian shirt bring it.
  • Be sure to bring Scout Socks Full dress class A uniform for all evening meals at the dining hall. For both camp wide campfires full dress class A uniform including Scout Socks
  • Bring a Hanger to Hang up your Uniform
  • Put your name or initials on the labels of all your clothing (especially uniform items (i.e. 60th Anniversary neckerchief) and Troop T-shirts)
  • Don’t Bring Valuables or any Electronic Devices (Ipod’s, games, phones, radios, etc.) to camp. Leave them at home.
  • Scout spending money is to be placed in an envelope clearly marked with your scouts name and amount contained within. All monies should be in small denominations (we recommend bills no larger than $10). All envelopes will be collected by Mr. “G” in the parking lot.

Additional Parents information / Scout Packing list {Click Here} and also Driving Directions {Click Here}. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Scott M. Holland
Scoutmaster, Troop 37

Arielle Newman Run Community Service July 4th

This 4th of July, Troop 37 Scouts have an opportunity to do a couple of hours of Community Service before lunch at the Arielle Newman Race – 5 Mile Run. Scouts and Parents can also help man water stations along the route.

08:00 AM Friday, 4th of July

Meet Laura Esposito at 08:00 AM on the Corner of Clove Road and Forest Avenue
Race will begin at 9:00 and is over in approximately 1 hour.
Wear a Troop Class B T-shirt with any shorts/or pants

Please come out and lend a hand if you can.

Arielle Newman, sister of Troop 37 Alumni – Eagle Scouts Keith Newman and Kyle Newman, was an award-winning track and cross country runner for Notre Dame Academy High School, Staten Island. She was the 2005 and 2006 Staten Island Girls High School Varsity Cross Country Champion. Arielle was a captain of the track team and voted MVP. She was a Staten Island Advance All Star four times, once posthumously. Arielle died April 3, 2007 from an aspirin-like ingredient, methyl salicylate, found in muscle creams.

This Run is in her honor and to foster awareness of the dangers of this ingredient

Canoe Trip – June 20th – 22nd, 2014

Please meet at the shed Friday at 4:30 sharp for this weekend’s canoe trip. We are leaving by 5:00 PM. Take note of the following:

[  ] Bring a sandwich or something for Friday night’s dinner.
[  ] Make sure you turned in Liability form signed by a Parent
[  ] Bring old sneakers or water shoes for canoeing that won’t fall off –NOT Sandals.
[  ] Bring a wide brim hat / Sunscreen/ sun block for sun protection.
[  ] Bring a cup – You won’t need a mess kit.
[  ] Bring a towel.
[  ] Camp Chair to sit in
[  ] Appropriate Clothing / Rain gear
[  ] We will be sleeping in either tents or lean-tos so bring sleeping bag/ air mattress or pad.

HMSR Summer Camp:

  • Medicals: We are accepting completed medical forms, OTC Medication form, Dietary Needs forms and a copy of the scouts health insurance card (Front and Back) . They must be in duplicate AND stapled in order for us to accept them. If you have these already completed, please bring them to any meeting to provide to Mr. Nadal or Mr. Villani.
  • Merit Badge Selections are Due. Merit Badge selections have all been received.
    • All merit badges that have pre-requirements and need Leader sign off should be brought to a meeting and reviewed with an available leader. Please have a completed form letter filled out and ready for the Leaders signature.  {Click here to download Form Letter}

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 20th – 22nd Canoe Trip
  • Jun 27th – Court of Honor
  • Jun 28th – Car Wash
  • July 13th – 19th – Hawk Mountain Summer Camp

Friday, April 25th – PJ Vaccaro Eagle Project / Durland Camping Trip

This Friday there will be no meeting as we will be having our Durland Camping Trip. We will be meeting at the shed no later than 4:30pm. Packing list is indicated below. All scouts are to be in Class B T-Shirts if you have them.

PJ Vaccaro is conducting his Eagle Project this coming weekend, Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th

All helpers will be meeting in the Burger King Parking lot both days.  Saturday is at 2pm and Sunday at 7AM.

On Sunday, two scouts are needed for an honor guard and must be Class A uniform (Neckerchief and socks required) with their Class B’s underneath.

He needs to know who will be attending to assist him in his project ASAP!

Please email him directly TODAY of the day you plan to attend to assist as this is a two day event. All those scouts not attending the camping trip should be able to attend at least one day of his project. 

Let’s help our fellow scout in his efforts on his trail to Eagle.

Durland Packing: Also, feel free to use the Camping Checklist as a guide.
{Click here to download}

  • Backpack
  • Warm clothes (an extra days worth of clothes, plan for wet weather)
  • Hat/Gloves/Jacket (still low temperatures at night)
  • Sleeping Bag/Pillow
  • Boots (Waterproof recommended. And second pair of shoes  with extra socks)
  • Full Water Bottle/Drinking Cu/Fork, Spoon, Knife

Upcoming Events

  • May 2nd – Regular Troop Meeting
  • May 9th – Regular Troop Meeting
  • May 10th – Car Wash
  • May 16th – 18th – Camporee
  • May 23rd – Merit Badge Meeting
  • May 24th – Car Wash
  • May 30th – Regular Troop Meeting
  • May 31st – Car Wash

C. Gundacker Eagle Project Update

Dear Scouts, Parents, and Friends, 

The time has come for my Eagle Scout Leadership Project. The project will be on Saturday April 12th, 2014 and we will be meeting at 8:30 AM at 1131 Manor Road, Staten Island, NY 10314. It is the camp next to Pouch, Henry Kaufmann Campgorunds. The project should last into the afternoon. 

The project is building a gateway that starts a trail, the gateway will honor a Police officer, and cleaning up a 100 yard trail, so rakes, gloves and power drills will be needed. If you have any of these supplies and are willing to donate or loan them for my project (they will be returned) that would be a great help.  If you plan on bringing any materials, please call/email me from the listed contact information, as soon as possible.

We will be building, painting and cleaning in a park area so be prepared to get a little dirty. Wear older clothes and boots and please bring work gloves. It may be muddy still. 

Please call/ e-mail me to let me know if you can go, if you have materials, and/or if you can’t go but have materials to lend. 

Any help or time that you could offer the day of the project would be greatly appreciated. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Yours in Scouting,
Christopher Gundacker