HMSR 2018 Summer Camp Information

***Links Updated for 2018 Camping season.

This is a resource page for Boy Scout Summer Camp at the Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, located in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. On this page you will find various forms, links, and information that you will need if you are attending Boy Scout Summer Camp. Current Weather Conditions at the Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation:

Hawk Mountain Weather Link

General Camp Information

Annual Health and Medical Forms

Troop 37 Camp Forms and Information

1st Year Campers

You will be signed up for the Pathfinder Advancement program (click here to download the Pathfinder Program sheet) which is an important part of our camp program. It allows new scouts the opportunity to advance through most requirements for the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks; as well as earn a few other Merit Badges.

It is our recommendation that all first year Scouts participate in the Pathfinder Program. The advancement opportunities and the exposure to all areas of the camp will help insure that these campers have a positive experience.

All 1st year campers need to download the worksheets below, complete any yellow highlighted requirements and have them signed off by any Leader prior to attending camp.  You will need bring these to the Pathfinder area when they begin your session that week:

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Mr. Holland or Mr. Liu via email or speak with them at a Scout Meeting.

Merit Badge Forms and Information

Merit Badge Sign-up will begin as soon as you have selected your Merit Badges, so please fill out your Merit Badge Selection form and get it in to Mr. Holland or Mr. Liu. Then print out the advance preparation worksheets, if the Merit Badge requires advance work.

Click here to download Merit Badge Selection Worksheet

  • – All sheets need to have your name printed neatly on them.
  • – Advance preparation worksheets will need to be completed and turned in no later than June 15th to either Mr. Holland or Mr. Liu.

Scouts should come to camp having:

  • – read the Merit Badge requirements

  • – read the Merit Badge book

  • – complete all required prerequisites as outlined on the Merit Badge worksheet. Click the Merit Badge name in the

    2018 Merit Badge Schedule” table below to download the worksheet.


2018 Merit Badge Schedule 


Merit Badge Scheduling Sign-up Form – This is the Sign-Up Form that is to be handed in to Mr. Holland or Mr. Liu by May 25th, 2018.

Click on Merit Badge name in table below to download Merit Badge Worksheet that includes highlighted prerequisites.

1100am - 1200pm - Open Program
1200pm - 100pm - Lunch
100pm - 200pm - Siesta
S1: 900-1000amS2: 1000-1100amS3: 200-300pmS4: 300-400pmOpen Merit Badge:
Handicraft Program Area
12 Scouts per SessionPotteryPotteryTextileTextileArt
16 Scouts per SessionBasketryBasketryBasketryBasketryPulp & Paper
16 Scouts per SessionLeatherworkLeatherworkLeatherworkLeatherwork
16 Scouts per SessionWoodcarvingWoodcarvingWoodcarvingWoodcarving
16 Scouts per SessionIndian LoreIndian LoreIndian LoreIndian Lore
Outdoor Skills Program Area
16 Scouts per SessionPioneeringPioneeringPioneeringPioneeringScout Heritage
16 Scouts per SessionCampingCampingCampingCampingExploration
16 Scouts per SessionFirst AidFirst AidFirst AidFirst Aid
16 Scouts per SessionWilderness SurvivalWilderness SurvivalWilderness SurvivalWilderness Survival
16 Scouts per SessionGeocachingGeocachingGeocachingGeocaching
Econ Skills Program Area
16 Scouts per SessionEnvironmental SciEnvironmental SciEnvironmental SciEnvironmental SciAstronomy
16 Scouts per SessionFish & Wildlife Mng.Fish & Wildlife Mng.Soil & Water Cons.Soil & Water Cons.Mining in Society
16 Scouts per SessionMammal StudyMammal StudyNatureNature
16 Scouts per SessionGeologyWeatherForestryForestry
16 Scouts per SessionFish & Wildlife Mng.Fish & Wildlife Mng.Soil & Water Cons.Soil & Water Cons.
16 Scouts per SessionEnvironmental SciEnvironmental SciEnvironmental SciEnvironmental Sci
Shooting Sports Area
16 Scouts per SessionArcheryArcheryArcheryArchery
16 Scouts per SessionRifleRifleRifleRifle
16 Scouts per SessionShotgunShotgunShotgunShotgun
Outdoor Sports Area
12 Scouts per SessionGolfGolfCyclingCycling
16 Scouts per SessionFishingFishingFly FishingFly Fishing
STEM Program Area
16 Scouts per SessionGraphic ArtsGraphic ArtsGame DesignGame DesignPhotography
16 Scouts per SessionAnimationAnimationMovie MakingMovie MakingChess
16 Scouts per SessionRoboticsRoboticsSpace ExplorationSpace Exploration
Aquatics Program Area
16 Scouts per SessionCanoeingCanoeingCanoeingCanoeing
16 Scouts per SessionRowingRowingSmall Boat SailingSmall Boat Sailing
16 Scouts per SessionKayakingKayakingKayakingKayaking
16 Scouts per SessionSwimmingSwimmingSwimmingSwimming
16 Scouts per SessionLifesavingLifesavingLifesavingLifesaving
Pathfinder Program Area
16 Scouts per SessionPathfinderPathfinderPathfinderPathfinderCollections
16 Scouts per SessionPathfinderPathfinderPathfinderPathfinderMining in Society
16 Scouts per SessionPathfinderPathfinderPathfinderPathfinder
C.O.P.E. & Climbing Area
16 Scouts per SessionClimbingClimbingCOPECOPESearch & Rescue
Ranger Apprentice Program Area
16 Scouts per SessionHome RepairsHome RepairsPlumbingPlumbing
16 Scouts per SessionPaintingPaintingMetalworkMetalwork
16 Scouts per SessionWeldingWeldingFarm MechanicsFarm Mechanics
Camp Meade Program Director
16 Scouts per SessionCit in the WorldCit in the WorldCommunicationCommunication
Health Lodge Staff
16 Scouts per SessionFirst AidFirst AidFirst AidFirst Aid
Indicates a 2 hour Merit Badge Block